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Spin Master
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Spin Master began in 1994 when three university friends armed with $10,000 set out to build a business. Ronnen Harary, Anton Rabie and Ben Varadi's first product was called The Earth Buddy, a small, pantyhose-covered head filled with grass seeds that sprouted hair when watered. The Earth Buddy became a Pet Rock-like phenomenon and an unexpected hit, providing the partners with a firm foundation to sprout their next idea. During the next few years the trio launched several novelty type products such as Devil Sticks, Grow Things, and Chatter Rings, but it was not until 1996 that the partners found the breakthrough product that would put Spin Master on the map. Two British inventors introduced them to the ingenious concept of an air-pressured airplane that operated using a chamber of compressed air pumped into a plane that would power a miniature one piston engine. In 1998, after much time, effort and faith, the partners launched the "Sky Shark", and the Air Hogs brand was born. The

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